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Questions to ask your builder before building a new home in Australia

22 September 2023

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Getting into a building contract represents one of the most significant commitments you will ever undertake. Therefore, before committing yourself, it’s essential to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your chosen builder. There are numerous crucial factors that you may need to take into account, factors that can either make or break your home-building journey and financial stability.


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There is data by Australian Statista that reflects the dynamic nature of the housing construction industry in Australia, with fluctuating numbers in the past and forecasts indicating potential growth in the coming years till 2025. It anticipates a gradual increase, reaching approximately 133720 houses built by the end of 2023, 137430 houses in 2024, and a notable uptick to approximately 178220 houses forecasted to be built in 2025. The significant upsurge in housing construction data underscores the need to engage in thorough questioning of home builders before proceeding to an agreement, emphasising the critical importance of informed decision-making in this dynamic and evolving market.

Take a moment to reaffirm why the builder you have selected is the right fit for your needs. What are the questions to ask a home builder? To assist you in this process, we have compiled a list of questions to ask your builder before signing a contract. Armed with this information, you can confidently sign the contract, secure in the knowledge that you are entrusting this significant investment to capable hands.

What are the questions to ask a builder while they build a home?

When embarking on the exciting journey of building a custom home, one of the most crucial steps is selecting the right builder to bring your vision to life. However, the process continues once you have signed the contract and broken ground on your dream home. To ensure that your custom home build goes smoothly and meets your expectations, it’s essential to maintain open communication with your home builder. Here are some key questions to ask a builder while they build your dream home. Make sure to cover aspects from the floor plan to the landscape design!


How Does the Process For Building Homes Typically Unfold?

Understanding the step-by-step process from inception to completion is essential for managing expectations and timelines effectively.


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What Will Be My Role as the Homeowner During the Build?

Clarify your responsibilities and involvement throughout the construction process.


Can You Provide a Detailed Timeline for the Entire Project?

Having a clear schedule ensures that you can plan accordingly and anticipate key milestones.


Home Builder Credentials and Experience

When you are on the verge of signing a contract, ensuring that your builder possesses the right credentials and extensive building experience is important. To make sure your builder is well-equipped to handle your project and is the perfect fit, ask the following questions about their credentials and experience before something goes wrong-


How Many Homes Have You Built as a Home Builder?

Assessing the builder’s experience can provide insights into their track record and expertise.


Can You Share Examples of Homes You Have Built for Other Customers?

Viewing past projects can help gauge the builder’s craftsmanship and style.


Are You a Registered Builder, and Do You Belong to Recognised Industry Bodies?

Confirm the builder’s professional affiliations and qualifications.


Can You Provide Written Testimonials from Past Clients?

Reviews and testimonials offer valuable feedback on customer satisfaction.


Home Building Process, Home Design and Customisation

Asking important questions about the home building process, home design, and customisation to your new home builder is essential for the smooth and successful construction of your new home. By inquiring about key aspects such as the role of a site manager, the availability of display homes, and customisation options, you gain valuable insights into how your builder operates. Ask relevant questions such as:


How Can I Customise My Design According to My Preferences?

Discuss the builder’s flexibility in accommodating design changes and personalisation.


Do You Offer a Range of Home Plans, and Can I Modify Them?

Explore the builder’s portfolio of designs and inquire about customisation options.


Will You Inspect My Block Before Purchase to Ensure It’s Suitable for My Home Design?

Assessing your land’s suitability is crucial for avoiding unexpected challenges.


Can You Provide a Comprehensive Design Consultation Service?

Understand the level of support you will receive in crafting your ideal home design. You can schedule a complimentary appointment at Dhursan by booking a free consultation today.


What Energy Rating Will My Home Aim to Achieve for Efficiency?

Discuss the builder’s approach to energy-efficient design for home.


How Will You Address Sloped Terrain During Home Construction?

If your land has a slope, inquire about the builder’s strategies for building on uneven terrain.


Final Pricing and Inclusions

When you proceed to build your dream home, it’s good to ask the right questions about final pricing and inclusions to every builder. Understanding the nuances of a fixed-price contract could potentially save you thousands as a homeowner. Ask the following pricing questions when choosing a builder while building your home.


How Is the Final Price Determined, and at What Point Will I Have it?

Clarify the factors that influence the project’s cost and when you will receive the final pricing.


What Is Included in Your Standard Inclusions for the Home?

Understand the inclusions that come as part of the standard package.


Can You Explain What Is Not Included in the Quoted Price?

Identifying exclusions helps avoid misunderstandings and unexpected costs.


Point of Contact and Communication

Having a designated point of contact and clear communication channels with your builder can significantly ease the process. However, navigating the construction of your dream home can be a stressful endeavour, especially after signing the contract. A reliable point of contact ensures that your concerns are addressed promptly, building a new home journey more manageable and enjoyable.


Who Will Be My Point of Contact Throughout the Home Build?

Having a dedicated contact person streamlines communication and addresses concerns promptly.


How Will You Keep Me Informed of Progress and Answer My Questions?

Discuss the builder’s communication process during the construction phase.


Can I Directly Speak to the Registered Builder Overseeing My Home Construction?

Establishing direct contact with the builder in charge offers transparency and peace of mind, making the whole process less stressful.


Types of Warranty and Guarantee

When it comes to choosing the best builder for your dream home, knowing the types of warranty and guarantees the builders offer is crucial for peace of mind in case something goes wrong with the homes they build. Some relevant questions to ask to your preferred builder are-


What Type of Warranty and Guarantees Do You Provide for the Home?

Inquire about the builder’s warranty coverage for structural and non-structural aspects. For instance, Dhursan Construction offers a comprehensive package that includes a 6-year structural warranty, 3 months of maintenance support, and an impressive 50-year structural protection against termites.


Does Your Insurance Cover Loss of Deposit, Non-Completion, and Defects?

Understand the extent of insurance coverage for various contingencies.


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Making Changes or Upgrades

Making changes or upgrades throughout the construction process can help tailor and make your home to your exact preferences and needs. Ask the following question-


What Options Exist for Making Changes or Upgrades During the Construction Process?

Discuss the process and costs associated with modifying the home design or adding upgrades. You might want to explore Knock Down Rebuild options in Sydney!

must ask questions to home builders

Selecting Your Registered New Home Builder with Confidence

With the increasing complexities and opportunities in the housing market, selecting a licensed builder with confidence is your key to navigating this landscape successfully. By connecting your choice of home builder with the above questions, you are not only setting the foundation for a successful home-building project but also safeguarding your investment.

Make the most of your investment by choosing a builder who not only possesses the necessary qualifications but also embodies a commitment to excellence, adherence to regulations, and a passion for turning your ideal home into reality. With a track record of excellence and a commitment to delivering homes of exceptional quality, Dhursan Construction stands as your trusted partner in this journey.

Let us answer all your queries and execute every aspect of your project smoothly. A partnership built on trust, expertise, and a shared vision of turning your aspirations into reality with unparalleled excellence and dedication. Contact Us anytime because your dream home doesn’t wait, and neither do we.

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