Should you move or knockdown and rebuild?

Move or knock down and rebuild?

When you already own a home, but it no longer suits your needs, deciding how to upgrade can be difficult. At Dhursan Construction, we help people to make the right choice, so they end up with a home they love for many years to come. Take a look at the pros and cons of moving to a new, or starting from scratch with a rebuild.

Why move house?

There are plenty of reasons to move onto a whole new home instead of upgrading the one you have. The first, of course, is to relocate to a suburb you prefer. No matter how much you love your home, if it is not in a convenient location, it may make sense to move somewhere else.

Moving can also make sense if you are downsizing. Depending on how much equity you have, there is the potential to sell, buy something smaller and live either mortgage-free or with a much smaller mortgage to worry about. Finally, when you move, you don’t have to go through the process of working with builders to plan a major renovation project. If you’re a busy person and the thought of creating something brand new from scratch doesn’t appeal to you, moving might be the answer. You may want something completely new but be restricted by the rules for building in your area. In this case, it makes sense to move or even buy a vacant lot somewhere else that you can build on. The drawbacks of moving home instead of staying put may be the cost. When you buy and sell, you have to pay stamp duty, agent’s fees and potentially other taxes. You will need to prepare your home for sale and pay for removalists, which all adds up. What’s more, you will never 100% get everything you want if you buy an existing home.

Why knock down and rebuild?

Knocking down and rebuilding can give you total peace of mind that you have a beautiful, functional home. It makes sense to do this if your whole house doesn’t meet your needs and is constantly costing you money to repair. If you have structural issues, a tired old kitchen, rising damp and a leaky roof, and if the home just doesn’t feel practical for your lifestyle, starting over can be the best approach. A brand new home is designed for modern living. It will optimise natural light, be insulated so your heating bills are lower and feature all those little things that make life easier such as USB power points, ducted air conditioning, soft-close drawers and strategic soundproofing. Because everything is new, you can just move in and relax. No more frustrating list of repairs waiting for your attention every weekend! The cost of a rebuild, while it can be higher than renovating your existing home, tends to come with less ‘bill shock’. You are starting from scratch so there are no hidden surprises like white ant infestations or water damage. Your knockdown rebuild specialists will give you a fixed quote and will stay close to this number.

Move or knock down and rebuild?

The choice is yours! Here are a few more things to consider:
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