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Top 10 Best Places to Buy Investment Properties in NSW

17 March 2024

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Property investment is a popular choice for many Australians seeking long-term financial growth. However, understanding the key factors that contribute to the Investment is essential. When considering property as an investment in New South Wales, four essential elements come into play: location, affordability, rental yield, and capital growth potential.

The property’s location significantly influences its desirability and potential for future growth. Proximity to amenities, transport links, schools, and employment hubs are added factors to consider. Additionally, assessing the potential for capital growth is essential. Researching historical trends, market forecasts, and infrastructure developments will help you identify areas with strong growth potential.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the 2021 Census revealed that the population of New South Wales (NSW) had reached 8.1 million, indicating a notable increase from 7.5 million in 2016. 2024 data shows that the number of people counted as usual residents has surged to an astonishing 8.35 million. With its thriving communities, vibrant cities, and abundant opportunities, NSW continues to be in high demand, captivating individuals seeking a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle.

The 10 Best Suburbs and Regional Areas to Invest in 2024!

Let’s explore the dynamic real estate markets and uncover the hidden gems that hold the key to long-term success in the ever-evolving landscape of Australian property investment.

  1. Armidale
  2. Blue Mountains
  3. Central Coast
  4. Cronulla
  5. Dubbo
  6. New Castle
  7. Orange
  8. Port Macquarie
  9. Sydney
  10. Wollongong

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Armidale, a regional city in the Northern Tablelands, is located approximately 500 km north of Sydney. Investing in Armidale offers the potential for capital growth and presents attractive rental yields, with houses in the $400,000s and yields around 5%, supported by a low vacancy rate of 0.5%.

What makes Armidale particularly appealing for property investment is its affordability. With a median property price of around $380,000, it presents a more accessible option than the higher prices in Sydney and other major cities. This affordability, combined with its vibrant economy and diverse industries, including agriculture, tourism, education (home to the University of New England), and renewable energy projects, contributes to the city’s robust property market.

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Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is one of the best places to invest in property in NSW. It offers a combination of stunning location, affordability, rental yield, and capital growth potential. The Blue Mountains presents an attractive investment opportunity with a rental yield of 4.1%, a median house price of $420,000, and a median unit price of $352,000.

Renowned for its awe-inspiring landscapes, this UNESCO World Heritage site- the Greater Blue Mountains Area, is more than just a tourist destination. Its proximity to Sydney adds to its allure, making it a desirable location for renters and property investors. It offers a unique living experience with its diverse range of bushwalking trails, art galleries, and cozy coffee houses. Its natural beauty, thriving rental market, and potential for long-term capital growth exemplify the qualities of a top-tier investment destination.

Central Coast

The Central Coast, situated between Sydney and Newcastle, emerges as one of the best investments in the NSW property. The average property price in the Central Coast is around $750,000, reflecting its affordability compared to the property market in Sydney. With a rental yield of 4.7%, the region presents attractive investment opportunities for those looking to generate rental income.

Central Coast has experienced significant infrastructural developments, adding to its appeal as a growing community. This growth and the region’s stunning coastlines attract diverse centres with a strong demand for investment hotspots. The area is also equipped with various amenities, including shopping centres and educational institutions, contributing to its desirability as a place to live and invest.


In the heart of the Sutherland Shire in NSW, Cronulla is regarded as one of the state’s best places for real estate investment. Despite being an in-demand location, the median price for units in Cronulla is $959,000, providing a more affordable entry point than other coastal areas. You can also benefit from the rental yield potential in Cronulla, with a rental yield of 4.5 per cent.

Cronulla popularity as a coastal destination, combined with the ongoing demand for properties in the area, suggests the likelihood of property values appreciating over time. Its prime location, affordability, attractive rental yield, and potential for capital growth make it a desirable choice for investors seeking to capitalise on the coastal lifestyle and strong market potential. Contact us to learn more about the investment opportunities and secure your spot in the thriving real estate market.


Dubbo, located in Regional NSW, has a sturdy economy and a steady property market. It offers a consistent buyer demand that has remained strong for many years. The property market boasts solid rental yields and a high demand for rental properties. Investing in Dubbo presents an opportunity to tap into the region’s strong economy and growing demand.

With vacancies below 1%, rents are rising up to 4.7%, providing excellent rental income potential. Moreover, the median house price in Dubbo has grown significantly, reaching around $550,000. This recent growth indicates the market’s promising capital growth potential.

New Castle

Newcastle, situated on the coast of NSW, with a growing population of approximately 4,66,000 people in 2024. Wikipedia mentions that during the 2021 census, the city population was about 168,873 people. This population growth indicates the city’s appeal and attractiveness to residents and investors. With its stunning coastal location, range of amenities, and thriving cultural scene, it continues to be recognised as one of the best places to buy a property in NSW.

Recent data shows the median property value in Newcastle is $1.8 million, reflecting the city’s strong real estate market. The median rent is $635 per week, providing a potential rental yield for investors. The median gross yield is calculated at 2.1%, indicating the return on investment potential for rental properties in the area.


Orange, a regional city situated in the central west region of New South Wales, stands out as one of the best places to buy a property in NSW. With a population of around 45,000 people in 2024, it is renowned for its cool climate wines, picturesque parks and gardens, and rich historical heritage.

The city’s median property price is around $545,000, making it a more accessible investment opportunity than the higher prices in Sydney and other major cities. It exhibits considerable capital growth potential. The city’s thriving wine industry, cultural attractions, and scenic landscapes bolster its appeal as a desirable place to live and visit.

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Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie, located on the mid-north coast of NSW, provides a unique blend of coastal living and proximity to urban amenities. The median property prices in the past year ranged from $840,000 for houses to $585,000 for units. If you’re seeking an investment property, homes in Port Macquarie can be rented out for $595 per week, offering an annual rental yield of 3.9%. On the other hand, units can be rented out for $450 per week, providing a rental yield of 4.3%. It’s worth noting that Port Macquarie has experienced an annual compound growth rate of -1.8% for houses and -0.8% for units.

Port Macquarie’s natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle contribute to its desirability to live, attracting residents and potentially boosting property values over time. It also offers a range of recreational activities, including water sports, hiking trails, creating a desirable lifestyle for both the locals and visitors.

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Sydney, the capital city of NSW, is one of the best places to invest in Australia. With a population of around 5.4 million people in 2024, it is the most populous city in Australia and offers a range of opportunities for property investors. The average property rate 2024 is around $1.6 million, reflecting the city’s premium real estate market. The high demand for rental properties and limited supply can result in attractive rental yields.

Sydney’s status as a significant economic and cultural hub contributes to its capital growth potential, as property values are expected to appreciate over time. Despite the higher property prices, Sydney’s reputation as a global city and a desirable place to live and work makes it an appealing choice for property investment. The city offers a vibrant lifestyle, excellent amenities, and diverse industries, attracting local and international residents.


Wollongong, located south of Sydney, is an Australian coastal city that stands out as one of the best places to invest in property in New South Wales. With a median house price of $450,000 and a median unit price of $355,000, Wollongong offers affordability combined with strong rental yield potential. The city’s median rent price of $3,200 further enhances its investment appeal.

Wollongong’s property market is bolstered by its status as a key regional centre, supported by universities, businesses, and attractive beachfront properties. The city’s ongoing urban transformation, coupled with the emergence of companies and tech hubs, positions Wollongong as an employment hotspot is a sought-after destination for those seeking dynamic urban living outside of Sydney.

Are you thinking of where you should buy an Investment property in NSW?

Look no further! Dhursan Construction, one of the leading home builders in Sydney, NSW, has got you covered! We understand the importance of finding the perfect location for your investment and are here to guide you through the process.

When it comes to property investing, location is key. That’s why we have carefully curated a list of the most promising areas in NSW for investment opportunities. Whether you seek high rental yields, strong capital growth, or both, we have identified the top suburbs that align with your investment goals.

Real estate continues to be a viable investment avenue in Australia. While market conditions may fluctuate, a well-researched and carefully chosen investment property will provide long-term financial benefits. By staying informed, conducting thorough due diligence, and seeking professional advice, you will successfully navigate the property market and capitalise on its opportunities.


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