The stages of building a new home

Thinking of building a new home in Sydney? Whether you are looking for a house and land package or want to build from scratch on your Sydney property, it is an exciting time. Many people dream of building a home that is uniquely theirs but are confused about where to start. Take a look at the steps to plan, design and build your dream home, as shared by a team of Sydney construction specialists.

STEP 1: Early decisions

The first steps when you build a new home in Sydney include being sure about where you are going to build. With house and land packages being in short supply, it will probably make sense to knock down and rebuild your existing home or to purchase an older home on a great block so you can knock it down and start from scratch. You also need to be clear on your budget. Speak to a lending expert about how much you can spend so you don’t go shopping for the kind of home you can’t afford. Once you have decided where your home will be, you will know how much space you have to work with.

At Dhursan Construction, we help home builder clients by letting them know what’s possible in regards to things like orientation and terrain. We also provide designers (more on that in a moment). During this initial stage, you will need to lock in a home designer and builder and be clear on their timelines. Speak to Dhursan about their availability as they may have a long waiting list that delays your project. When you’re having early discussions, try to lock down the price. Talk about approval as well, so your project is not delayed. Finally, if you are going to knock down an existing property, check to see if this is included in the price and how much it will be.

STEP 2: Choose your designs

Now you have land and a builder in mind.You may have chosen a ready-made design. This will limit the decisions you need to make but there will still be a few options to work through in terms of the layout and features of the home If you want a bespoke home, you will need several meetings with your building designer. Note that you don’t need an architect to design a family home. Bring your ideas to your meetings and you will probably have the chance to review a couple of versions before you sign off. Ideally, your designer will have connections with your building company. They may also be able to offer an ‘ inclusions package’, which gives you high-quality features like Fisher & Paykel appliances and stylish wall hung vanities. This will save you from spending hours agonising over wall tiles and benchtops because the selection is more limited.

If you have any specific interior on your mind or you will have to make a lot of decisions about materials and fittings. Create a Pinterest or Houzz ‘mood board’ to get an idea of what you like. Make sure materials are available, you might love some tiles you find online but realize they are in Italy and won’t arrive for twelve months. Take your time during the planning! It’s easier to change things on paper than on a building.

STEP 3: The official parts

Stage three is the time for planning permissions (if required). If you have purchased a house and land package, you will likely already have council approval and be able to go ahead. Otherwise, your designer will help you liaise with council to make sure your new home has the green light.

STEP 4: Finalise Drawings

Every little thing including lighting, plumbing and PowerPoint placement, right down to where the toilet roll holders will sit have to be signed off when you choose to custom build a new home in Sydney. Your designer and builder may need to get together to make sure the designs are practical and won’t blow the budget. Again, it makes sense if they already have a great relationship or are part of a design/build team.

STEP 5: Prepare to build

If you haven’t already, now is the time to sign a contract with your builder and make sure you have all the information about the land for instance any restrictions, sewer placement or any necessary building permits. For a knock-down rebuild, you will have to have your alternative accommodation organized and be prepared to put all your belongings in storage. This can feel stressful, but it will be worth it in the long term.

STEP 6: Time to build

You have done a great deal of groundwork so this phase of building your new Sydney home should now proceed relatively smoothly. A builder like Dhursan Construction will stay in touch with you, double check details and ask first before varying from the initial plans. They will show up as expected, work efficiently, and have a plan to tidy things up so you’re not left with a mess when it is time to move in. There are very few projects which go 100% according to plan. Weather, the availability of supplies or sickness/holidays will interrupt timelines. These are unpredictable for even the most organized project manager so allow some breathing room in your plan and be prepared to wait a couple of extra days or weeks.

STEP 7: Move in!

It can take several months but moving into your brand-new home is worth the wait. With the right builder, you will have a quality finished product to love for many years to come.

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